Our Mission

We are association of Canadian web creators advocating for each other and a better digital media world. We're proud to support and promote the needs and activities of independent, creator driven and audience focused web projects. We seek to inform stakeholders and build relationships to help create better frameworks for people to access a democratized digital media ecosystem.

What We've dONE SO FAR

  • Our monthly panel talks give creators the chance to get tips from the top names in the industry while networking to grow their skill sets.
  • Our annual creator celebration T.O. WebFest connects numerous web creators with Canadian and international opportunities while showcasing web talent to delighted local audiences.
  • In 2014 we produced a provincial report on the economic impact of web series. 
  • We've held bi-monthly creator meet ups in Toronto since 2013.
  • Broadcasted livestream roundtables with top creators. 2017 Launched #Creatortown a weekly interview podcast celebrating creator collaboration.
  • Partnered with Web Festivals around the world to provide Canadian creators with discounts to help produce and market their work. 
  • We continue to educate guilds, unions and associations as the web becomes the driving force in the entertainment economy.
  • We're putting creator issues out front and reframing the web conversation, by providing an outspoken and clear voice for creator advocacy across Canadian and international media.

Join forces with us

We run several committees to do this work year round. We're always looking to meet new people who want to help us on our mission to support and promote independent creators. 

If you're interested in volunteering with us on any level, here are the committees we run, and a few of the ways you can get involved:

Communications Committee
Help run and create content for our online initiatives including the Creatortown podcast and blog, our website and social media channels, and engaging with the community.

Events & Initiatives Committee
Work with the board and committee to decide what events and initiatives to plan throughout the year, and produce these projects, liasing with the Funding and Communications committees as needed.

Funding Committee
Help with funding grant applications, and manage collaborations and strategic in-kind partnerships, and sponsorships to support our events and initiatives.

Policy Committee
Work with the board and committee to decide what policy initiatives to participate in, what stances to take, and organize these submissions.

Membership Committee
Maintain IWCC’s membership database, manage all official communications to members, and perform outreach activities to expand membership.

T.O. Web Fest Committee
Work with the committee and board to plan the next T.O. Web Fest event, and manage festival resources, communications, website, and online channels.

Executive Committee
Administration of internal resources and technical tools utilized by the board for general operations.


-Joining a committee?

-volunteering with us?

-or running for board?

Fill out this form or Come talk to us at an event, or email us and introduce yourself!   info@iwcc-ciwc.org