Here's a few things we're up to right now. 

T.O. Webfest 2018

We're already excited to launch the biggest creator celebration in Canada. From vloggers to podcasters and the teams behind web series, we're actively planning, plotting and dreaming up a bigger and better T.O. Webfest in 2018. Expect more panels, keynotes, workshops, events, screenings and of course networking. Follow the website for the latest updates.


Who wants to wait all year for one big event? We want to bring you the knowledge of T.O. WebFest all year round. We're giving our members access to the brightest thought leaders in digital entertainment. Find our latest event here


Policy planning

Whether it's advocating for creators in the global web industry or actively engaging the CRTC to submit our thoughts on the future of #digicancon. The IWCC continues to be the thought leader in Canada's creator community. Check our "IWCC News" section for our latest releases.




Every Sunday we bring you a interview with somebody who is out there killing it in digital creation.
While our #Creatortown blog spotlights digital creators from crowdfunding through to release date.


Our communication team prides itself on being a conversation starter. Whether it's in the pages of the Washington Post or here at home on the CBC, we're putting creator issues out front and helping to frame the most important conversations in our growing industry.