Ran and Jaden - New Web Series Alert!

Ran and Jaden.jpg

Remember how we told you to not let the IPF get ya down? Well this week we have two creators who have just released season one of their web series. Ran & Jaden is a hilarious satire of modern millennial life and all six episodes are currently on YouTube. We dare you not to laugh - it's just that funny. The duo joins Dan and Vince to talk the hurdles of the IPF process, and why sometimes even in 2017 it's just better to go at it alone and do it yourself. If you're planning a web series or a YouTube channel - this one is a must listen. #Millennials #AvocadoToastPodcast #MondayMotivation

Ran & Jaden:
Instagram - @ranandjaden
Twitter - @ranandjaden
Facebook - Ran and Jaden

Jaden Curtis:
Instagram - @jadenlavigne
Twitter - @jadencwcurtis

Ran Zhu:
Instagram - @ranzhu
Twitter - @theranzhu