D.W. Waterson's "That's My DJ"

This week D.W. Waterson drops by Creatortown to talk all about her T.O. WebFest wins, the Toronto DJ scene and of course the launch of season three of her web series That's My DJ. This is a great chat for up and coming directors and artists looking to get their name out there - lot's of great tips and advice on how to own and hone your craft.

Our Guest - D.W. Waterson

The Series: That's My DJ

The Rundown:

O:OO - Welcome to our jam packed booth for our That's My DJ podcast

03:00 - D.W. Waterson gives you the low down on "That's My DJ".

07:00 - An amazing run for season two in the festival circuit - D.W. talks about hitting up Vancouver WebFest.

13:00 - The music scene that inspired the series. A conversationa about her music roots and DJ career.

16:00 - How D.W. used her own DJ career within That's My DJ - including "Home Brew".

20:00 - A chat about the cinematography behind That's My DJ.

24:00 - A chat about That's My DJ's crowdfunding campaign and building a team.

28:30 - How did season two become so popular - a look at how to build your series after a first season.

30:30 - A conversation on D.W.'s various hats working together.

33:00 - How That's My DJ began with a straight white male playing D.W. - A great quote on how industry expectations can shape a writer's thinking and how to get out of that trap.

34:00 - Family friendly YouTube era - how That's My DJ does their adult content in a family friendly YouTube era. We also get into the importance of making actors feel comfortable when exploring scenes that dive deep into intimacy and sexuality.

38:50 - The process of writing something autobiographical and the importance of table reads. (also see 55:00 mark for a chat about how improv and notes can change the scripts in this process)

40:24 - That's My DJ's soundtrack chat and we play the theme - 

47:44 - A fun chat about performance and reading an audience and how you transfer those skills into directing.

50:00 - If you're an actor playing a real person and that person is the writer - how does that work? A chat on Emily Piggford playing D.W.

54:00 - The decision to switch the focus onto a different character after your first season. How and why Waterson decided to change it up for season two.


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01:00:00 - Rapid Fire time with D.W. Waterson.

01:02:00 - D.W.'s tip for new creators

01:05:00 - D.W. on the issues of the Canadian entertainment industry

Check out Season Three of TMDJ right now on YouTube!


Thanks for listening to this week's show everyone! The next episode is Danica Samuel and her Millennial focused podcast "Ybility".