Ethan Cole of My 90-Year-Old Roommate: How To Replace Your Grandfather with Spider-Man.

Ethan Cole Comes to Creatortown to talk viral videos and making a hit web series.

Ethan Cole Comes to Creatortown to talk viral videos and making a hit web series.

This week on the show Dan and Vince find out how to breed purple cows with Ethan Cole from Slow Clap Inc. Ethan (My 90-Year-Old Roomate) takes through the journey of transitioning your viral video hit to a narrative success. Plus, vocal powerhouse Roveena gives us her take on a Springsteen classic. All that and we give you more info on the parties, events and panels at #TOWebFest. You won't want to miss our amazing podcasting panel! May 25-27 at the CN Tower - we hope you'll join us.

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Our Guests This Week: Ethan Cole of Slow Clap Inc.

Creatortown Cover This Week: Roveena

The Rundown:


06:09 - Meet Our Guest Ethan Cole

09:13 - The story of going viral with your grandfather

14:24 - The release strategy when you think you have a YouTube hit.

15:00 - How Ethan's Advertising Background fit into digital strategy

20:55- The origin of Slow Clap Inc and transitioning viral videos to a narrative hit (IPF Funding)

25:18 - How Hands on is CBC when you're making a web series? (Casting Yourself and Authenticity)

28:30 - Shout Outs

SHOUT OUTS - IWCC #TOWebFest Panel Edition

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#TOWebFest Podcast Panel Shout Outs:

Aliya Pabani Canadaland's The Imposter  

Tia Gordon: Gyalcast

Alex Ross - Founder of Never Sleeps Network

Sammy Younan - Co-Founder/Program Manager Girth Radio

Arif Noorani - CBC ‎Executive Producer - CBC Radio New Programs + Original Podcasts

Music Spotlight: Roveena

Roveena - Burning Room (Official Audio)
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‘Burning Room' is the lead single from Roveena's upcoming EP, Fearless, out soon!
Music & Lyrics: Roveena & James Bryan

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Ethan's Shout Outs:

The Amazing Gayl Pile

44:48 - How to make media care about your web series. Using the "purple cow" approach.

49:48: Slow Clap's Three Pronged Approach to creating successful digital content.

52:32 - Slow Clap's anti-sketch approach to writing and how to focus group on a date.

01:02:00 - How Slow Clap casts and holds their auditions for their Curb style improv series

 1:04:05 - A Return to Conversing about Ethan's award winning co-star Paul Soles.

Thanks for listening this week everybody and be sure to head on over to for more information about this week's amazing event!!! And be sure to check out our nominees.