My Roommate's An Escort: How To Avoid Drinking In the Park

Trish Rainone and Katie Uhlmann star in the new digital series My Roommate's an Escort. 

Trish Rainone and Katie Uhlmann star in the new digital series My Roommate's an Escort. 

It's only our second ever episode, but so far we're having a lot of funin #Creatortown. Join us this week as our guests are the creators behind the new web series hit My Roommate's an Escort! And we spotlight Edmonton singer/songwriter Emily Coulston who now calls Toronto home. We fell in love with her take on a new Cancon classic from the Weeknd. But check out here latest (above).

Enjoy the show everybody!
#Creatortown Rundown

1:00 - IPF Phase Two and BIG T.O. WEBFEST NEWS! We're at the CN Tower in 2017.

2:43 - Dan explains how My Roommate's an Escort is changing the Web Series Game.

4:03 - Dan and Vince invite Katie Uhlmann and Trish Rainone to Creatortown. 

7:05 - Clip From Episode One of My Roommate's An Escort.

8:30 - #MRAE talk about the journey on funding 30k for their series.

12:20 - Trish and Katie give their advice for achieving your creator goals.

15:09 - #MRAE talks about why involving ACTRA can make your series better and explain how an ACTRA co-op actually works. (It's easier thank you think.)

19:20 - We get to know Trish and Katie better by playing IMD-Because the internet. How much do they know about each other's IMDB pages? 

27:00 - Trish's child acting debut from 90's kids tv. #Nostalgia

30:34 We ask about #MRAE the need for actors and first time directors to create your own project. When playing murder victims and moms just aren't enough any more.

34:10 - Katie gives advice as a first time creator. 

36:34 - Dan and Trish give Toronto a little sass and talk about the daunting task of moving to Toronto and entering "the scene".

39:00 - Katie Chats and the value of getting your name out there.

43:20 - The real secret behind crowdfunding



49:05 - Our Creator music spotlight is Edmonton's own Emily Coulston. She now calls Toronto home and we think she did an fantastic job on The Weeknd's Sidewalks.  

If you prefer to listen on YouTube. (iTunes link coming soon)