Cherrydale Productions: How To Read and Vlog

This week for our fifth episode Dan and Vince give you a double shot podcast. It's a web series dive deep with the amazing folks at Cherrydale Productions. Our chat ranges from their process going through the IPF as new creators, to working with different distributors like KindaTV and Pemberley Digital. If you've ever wanted to make a web series, this is the podcast for you. And if that wasn't awesome enough, our Creatortown music spotlight is Gunnarolla! Take a listen to a fun chat with the next generation of showrunners.

Some of the topics covered:

The emotional side of being a web series creator
Canada's grant process
Working with a Broadcaster
How to cast in the social media age
The ups and downs of the web model on your personal life.
Dealing with unexpected cast changes.

Our Guest: Cherrydale Productions

Show Rundown:

02:27 - Who is Cherrydale Productions?
04:00 - Interview begins

05:15The early pressure of starting a crowdfunding campaign.

7:00 Introducing the folks behind Cherrydale

12:00 - "Public Domain" and how Cherrydale came together to adapt Little Women for the web

16:05 - Round Two of IPF - WHAT DO YOU DO?!?

18:00 - Would Cherrydale do the "Lizzie Bennet Diaries" model again? A conversation about the ups and downs of a weekly web series.

22:00 - A chat about editing and scripting a "vlog style" series.  And the 'Cherrydale fix' on how to edit while recreating a live stream. 

25:00 - Writers on set? Writing and collaborating on a web series.

27:00 - The web series casting process - why it's different than film and tv.  From social media to finding the right personalities.

37:30 - The fans of Cherrydale why web series is a showrunner's medium

40:13 - Shoutout Time
Reckless Juliets - Website

Musical Guest Gunnarolla

47:33 - The Cherrydale shout outs

49:14 - March Family Letters and launching with Pemberley Digital on Christmas Day.

55:35 - The personal side of Web Series creation. A conversation about the modern starving artist life.

1:02:44 - All For One's beginnings, distribution with ABC Spark and Kinda TV.

01:13:09 - All For One's Season Two: Canada Media Fund + Crowdfunding Campaign and why you need to help them out.



Thanks for joining us this week for another #Creatortown podcast!