Never Sleeps Network & Girth Radio: How to Win At Podcasting and Life

These days it seems like everybody has a podcast, so how does yours stand out from the rest? And how do you make sure you don't burn out? We brought two of Canada's Podcast Network founders together to talk podcast creation. Join us as our hosts Dan Speerin and Vince Kesavamoorthy grab drinks with with Alex Ross (NSN) and Sammy Younan (Girth Radio) to talk about the pros and cons of using the network model and the tools needed to be a great interviewer and host. Also this week, Saskatchewan singer/songwriter Anna Klein gives us her take on Lana Del Rey on this week's Creatortown Cover segment. All that plus our entire roundtable curate the best online listens and views in our shout out segment!  It's a jampacked #Creatortown! So check it out!

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Creatortown Rundown:

00:00 - Dan and Vince welcome you to Creatortown - and talk about an after party in the sky. 

02:15 - Meet our guests Alex Ross (Never Sleeps Network) and Sammy Younan (Girth Radio)

4:30 - Alex Ross gives the origin story of his podcast network Never Sleeps Network

8:19 - Sammy Younan talks about his Uncle Ben tragic death and then gives us the real origin story.

11:02: The roundtable takes on the "Network Model" and why creators might find them valuable.

16:00 - The podcast burnout, why successful podcasting is a lot of work and why the numbers game may be less about analytics and more about humans. 

20:12 - What makes a great podcast pitch? Alex Ross talks about what he looks for when scouting talent.

22:42 - Sammy talks about why the tech know-how has limited interested voices entering the space, and what makes a great podcast in his view.

24: 36 - Why living a life and being an expert is important and how to overcome the "Whylisten to you" factor. 

27:46 - The Weekly Shout Outs

First Shout out! Sheeko Sheeko

The Muses and Stuff Podcast

Web Series Shout Out: Brains

Vlog Shoutout: Fun with John

Be sure to check all of their videos!

30:18 - This Week's Musical Guest hanging out in Saskatchewan it's Anna Klein!

Find it right here on this very special iTunes link

Check out Anna's upcoming news on Facebook:
And for even more covers/originals and adventures check out Anna on Instagram

36:40 Sammy and Alex give us their throws for the week!

Sammy's Shout Out! Geek Hard

Alex's Shout Out: Utopia To Me? with Chris Locke

40:40 - The roundtable returns to our podcast conversation with a chat about the cliche of authenticity and the career ceiling and quicksand of "analytics driven content".

44:13 - The perks of podcasting? Sammy goes on a journey to The Magic Castle

46:23: What metrics matter in 2017? A chat about metrics and the great online popularity contest.

49:16 - How do people find you? The power of interviewing and guests - Sammy talks Sam Roberts Band and how his fans found his podcast.

54:31 - Alex and Sammy talk about letting social media do the work

55:06 - What is "Selfish Giving"? Alex Ross explains his theory of how conversations become interesting. 

58:18 - Sammy's cringe factor - The "comic con" Q and A question and how podcast episodes are basically a first date. 

59:15 - Take a listen to Never Sleeps Network and Girth Radio's podcasts!

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