Samantha Wan: How To Binge Cry to Success

So you wanna go from web to tv? Well, we have the episode for you. Samantha Wan (Sudden Master, Second Jen, Private Eyes) drops by to talk about all the things! Our musical guest this week is Shawn William Clarke who is sharing his process in making a new album on Facebook. We loved his #ThrowbackThursday of Gord Downie's solo track Trick Rider. 

Our Guests: Samantha Wan

Samantha Wan is a Toronto-based actor-filmmaker. She is most well know for being one of the creators and stars of City TV’s sit-com Second Jen. Samantha also plays Zoe Chow in Globals hit detective series Private Eyes. In other projects, Samantha is also the creator and star of Sudden Master, an online Kung Fu series commissioned by OMNI TV.  The show has accumulated numerous awards, including Best Action Series at the LA Action On Film Festival. The Festival also awarded Wan with a Woman With A Vision Award for her work as a producer and creator and best Female Action Performer of the Year for the project. She was also named Best Actress in a Drama at the Hollyweb Festival. Samantha also works in theatre, co-creating the play Madame Mao, that went on to win five Best of Fest awards from NOW Magazine. Samantha graduated from the National Theatre School in 2011 and has since appeared in various other works, a few being The Devil's Mile, Leslieville, Ruby Skye P.I. and Out With Dad. On the side, Samantha is also a dancer, with a particular love for jazz and urban street dance, and a martial artist, studying Wing Chun under Grand Master Sunny Tang. Coupled with her fight skills, Wan is a certified combatant for stage and screen with Fight Directors of Canada. 


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Our Musical Guest: Shawn William Clarke

Praise for Shawn:

“Clarke manages to triangulate past, present and future in songs that feel both close to home and otherworldly, but also remarkably bereft of the weariness or melancholy that tends to permeate the genre” - Exclaim!

"William is intimate and rich, and one of the finest folk records you'll hear this year." - Exclaim

"Shawn's music contains two things that I love: space and simplicity. Nothing is overplayed, it's wonderfully subtle and understated. And the simplicity reveals itself in immediately identifiable themes and accessible songs. It is really a great record!" - Craig Norris, CBC Radio

"Finger picking guitar, banjo and nice sunshine filled vocals fight the steel and sadness that permeate his thoughts and support from many of his talented friends (Olenka, Nick Zubeck and Wilderness of Manitoba to name a few) give this effort a professional, enjoyable feel" - Herohill

#Creatortown Rundown:

3:44 - Sam and Dan talk childhood Wizard of Oz roles.

7:00 - Samantha talks about how growing up in different places shaped her writing.

10:00 - A conversation about how comedy showrunners have paved the way for showcasing diversity. And Canada's incubation issue.

12:00 - What is Second Jen? And the inspiration behind the characters.

14:45 - The Millennial adulting fail and how your parents just don't understand.

17:45 - Samantha admits her irrational fear and why we can't watch The Little Mermaid together.

19:00 - Does Samantha prefer acting or writing? And why she feels the need to be a writer to get the roles she wants.

20:00 - What was the hardest part of getting a tv show off the ground?

21:30 - Samantha talks about her web series "Sudden Master" and how she got a web series and a tv series - at the same time.

24:00 - What is the Bell Fund? How can it help me make my show? And what NOT to do. Plus a conversation about the hurdles of low budget creation.

27:00 - The difference between making a web series and tv series OR "When broadcasters become hands on"

29:00 - Block Shooting

31:30 - Creator Advice - What would Samantha do differently if she could give herself advice from 2 years ago.

34:22 - Shoutout time!

This Week's Musical Guest - Shawn William Clarke.
Facebook: Follow the new album process -

44:00 - Samantha's Shout Outs!

48:18 - Samanatha Wan's big advice for creators!

51: 50 - Sam talks working on the Jason Priestley show "Private Eyes"

52:38 - Sam talks about her role on the upcomng IPF funded web series "Kristal Clear"

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