Connie Wang Actor/Youtuber and Star of Tokens

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Why can’t you be an actor and a YouTuber? You can it just takes the right mind set and work/life balance.

This week Dan and Vince welcome YouTuber and actor Connie Wang to Creatortown. Her channel is a fantastic mix of videos about beauty, vegan cooking, and the diy life. We caught up with Connie in the midst of her “Christmas Extravaganza” where she’s posting 3 videos a week for the month of December. As if that wasn’t enough Connie is also starring as the lead in the upcoming Winnifred Jong web series “Tokens”.

Tokens is a comedy about the actors who work for an “On Call” Casting Agency which blindly sends them out to shows to satisfy a diversity mandate and that’s set to release in 2018.

Also in this episode Dan and Vince talk about the IWCC’s #metoo in digital panel at Ryerson, T.O. WebFest submissions, the latest announcement from YouTube and about what changes you’ll see on Creatortown in 2018! It’s a full show and worth a listen!

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