Carrie Cutforth and the OG IWCC

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This week digital creator and transmedia storyteller Carrie Cutforth drops by to talk about the importance of creating a digital community. We sit and chat with the co-producer of the very first T.O. WebFest about how creators originally got together to create a community and the IWCC - and what creators should be doing now. A great chat about the road to where we are now and the hurdles facing creators in the modern era.


Out With Dad Creator Jason Leaver

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And don't forget to listen to part two for more great advice.

This week Jason Leaver stops by to talk about his award winning web series Out with Dad. The coming of age story wrapped this year after 82 episodes and over 11 hours of storytelling!

Join Dan and Vince as they track the journey from the beginning with creator/director/writer Jason Leaver in two episodes. If you're looking to make it to a second season of a web series as an independent creator this podcast is a must listen!

Creator of Out With Dad Jason Leaver with hosts Vince Kesavamoorthy and Dan Speerin

Creator of Out With Dad Jason Leaver with hosts Vince Kesavamoorthy and Dan Speerin

Buffer Festival

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It's time for the biggest celebration of YouTube creation in Canada. Buffer Festival is here and co-founder and Vice President Corrado Coia stopped by Creatortown to give Dan and Vince all the details on this years festival.

Buffer Festival is a showcase of YouTube video premieres, celebrating artistic and innovative content from acclaimed digital creators. YouTube creators unite as we take you on a Canadian journey through ten short years of YouTube creation. From 8/8/8 to Dundas Square meetups and the origins of Buffer Festival itself - you won't want to miss this conversation about the future of digital creation. Buffer Festival is September 28-Oct 1st in Toronto.

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