Adam Christie Star and Creator of Man-O

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This week Adam Christie drops by for our final Creatortown interview of 2017. Christie is the writer/director and lead actor of one of the years most layered web series "Man-O". The seven episode series was self-financed and we chart the journey. “I hate the word, ‘manorexia.’” Owen tells the camera and thus begins the faux documentary journey of young Millennial man struggling to find some comfort in his own shoes and with the society that surrounds him. We chat with Adam about the various themes of Man-O from the crisis in masculinity to how technology shapes our self image.
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Dan and Vince hanging out with Man-O Creator and star Adam Christie at the Pacific Junction Hotel Studios.

Dan and Vince hanging out with Man-O Creator and star Adam Christie at the Pacific Junction Hotel Studios.

Connie Wang Actor/Youtuber and Star of Tokens

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Why can’t you be an actor and a YouTuber? You can it just takes the right mind set and work/life balance.

This week Dan and Vince welcome YouTuber and actor Connie Wang to Creatortown. Her channel is a fantastic mix of videos about beauty, vegan cooking, and the diy life. We caught up with Connie in the midst of her “Christmas Extravaganza” where she’s posting 3 videos a week for the month of December. As if that wasn’t enough Connie is also starring as the lead in the upcoming Winnifred Jong web series “Tokens”.

Tokens is a comedy about the actors who work for an “On Call” Casting Agency which blindly sends them out to shows to satisfy a diversity mandate and that’s set to release in 2018.

Also in this episode Dan and Vince talk about the IWCC’s #metoo in digital panel at Ryerson, T.O. WebFest submissions, the latest announcement from YouTube and about what changes you’ll see on Creatortown in 2018! It’s a full show and worth a listen!

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Buffer Festival

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It's time for the biggest celebration of YouTube creation in Canada. Buffer Festival is here and co-founder and Vice President Corrado Coia stopped by Creatortown to give Dan and Vince all the details on this years festival.

Buffer Festival is a showcase of YouTube video premieres, celebrating artistic and innovative content from acclaimed digital creators. YouTube creators unite as we take you on a Canadian journey through ten short years of YouTube creation. From 8/8/8 to Dundas Square meetups and the origins of Buffer Festival itself - you won't want to miss this conversation about the future of digital creation. Buffer Festival is September 28-Oct 1st in Toronto.

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