Emmy Awards Expand Short Form Categories

Earlier this month the Emmy Awards announced a number of important changes and additions to the award categories. The announcement is a significant step in the right direction for validation of independent web content creators and their work.

- New category: Outstanding Actor in a Short Form Series - Comedy or Drama
New category: Outstanding Actress in a Short Form Series - Comedy or Drama
- New category: Outstanding Short Form Series - Variety
- Renamed category: Short Format Live Entertainment becomes Outstanding Short Form Series - Comedy or Drama
Renamed category: Short Format Nonfiction becomes Outstanding Short Form Series - Reality/Nonfiction

The Television Academy defines Short Form as those projects with at least six episodes, that are a length of 15 minutes or less, which is excellent news for our members and creators.

The Prey - series review

The Prey - series review

2015 was a big year for one Alex Alvarez Cadilla. The Montreal-based writer, director and actor is an award-winning content creator and member of the IWCC. With the recent completion and release of independent web series project The Prey, Alvarez Cadilla has now etched his name into the genre to which he has so longed to enter; the psychological thriller.

IWCC-CIWC CMF Submission

Hi everyone! 

Last week the IWCC submitted it's position to the CMF on online content, and whether the CMF should support it, where the funding gaps are currently and what a structure for funding could potentially look like. 

It's incredibly important to us when opportunities like this present themselves that we voice our opinions to help build a stronger online video industry in Canada. It's also incredibly important that we hear from you when opportunities like this arise as our voices are much stronger together. We'd love to hear from you in the comments below or email us at info@iwcc-ciwc.org and let us know what you think. 

Our CMF submission can be read here


Hi everyone! 

We've been busy at the IWCC in the last couple of months getting our funding grant applications ready for the next T.O. Webfest, but we've also been very busy with an opportunity that the CRTC presented to submit our thoughts on the future of community media and community programming. 

As an association for content creators, we believe there's a role that we can play in community programming. So we are actively working to help inform our regulatory bodies and broadcasters about the options they have to better support independent creators. 

We can't take a stance one way or the other regarding how broadcasters can spend their money, but we can work to help inform our regulatory bodies about the options they have. 

If you're interested, we highly recommend you read our submission here


Welcome to the new site!

Photo by Oscar Nilsson

Photo by Oscar Nilsson

Hi everyone! 

We've been busy bees the last couple of months, and one of the things we've been trying to make sure we get right is this lil website. 

As you can imagine publishing and site maintenance can be kind of time-consuming and costly, especially when you're trying to juggle so many projects and wear a million hats. We know you understand this best creators. 

So we decided the site needed an update, something a little more intuitive, modern and easy to navigate. Well, digital publishing has come a long way and made things infinitely easier to manage with a shoestring budget. 

Look forward to seeing you all at the next meet up and let us know what you think! This site, and everything we do at the IWCC is to serve you. We've updated our mandate, we have a clear and impassioned focus, and we want to make as vibrant and thriving online video industry in Canada as you do. 

And we look forward to doing it together.