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IWCC Helps: Business & Legal Considerations for Web Creators

Entertainment Lawyer Ryan Keller and IWCC-CIWC Board Member Ash Catherwood talk to creators at Toronto's Spoke Club (Photo Credit: Joanna Haughton)

Entertainment Lawyer Ryan Keller and IWCC-CIWC Board Member Ash Catherwood talk to creators at Toronto's Spoke Club (Photo Credit: Joanna Haughton)

(TORONTO) - Every year thousands of digital creators across Canada make their first foray into digital creation. For a sea of new creators expected to be virtual swiss army knives, the specifics of just how to go about that, can be a bit overwhelming. Being your own production company isn't easy. Which is why our newly elected board began their term in August with a new series of networking events that incorporates discussion among industry professionals and explores themes that are relevant to content creators.

We brought 2015/2016 IWCC-CIWC board member and Entertainment Lawyer Ryan Keller to The Spoke Club to give a close look at the business and legal considerations for the independent content creator. Ryan gave an overview of what mistakes creators often make, from contracts to copyright and everything in between.

At the IWCC we believe our job is to give you more answers than a podcast, YouTube tutorial or Facebook post can. Which is why we have thorough Q and A portions at all events. We understand every creators individual needs are different. During the networking portion of the evening, members are always encouraged to talk to our guest and our knowledgeable board members who have all blazed their own trails in their respected areas. Members who don't happen to be near the location of the event are welcome to leave their questions on social media @IWCC_CIWC or email us at info@iwcc-ciwc.org and we'll do our best to get you the answers you desire.

If you're not in Toronto but know your web community could use these types of events, let us help you organize one! Become a member and be a regional lead! E-mail our Vice President Dan Speerin dan@IWCC-CIWC.org! 

We're happy to say, that each year our organization has grown and we can't wait to put more creators on the map in Canada!

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Our huge thanks to members who support us and everyone who came out to the event. And a special thanks goes to our host venue The Spoke Club! 

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IWCC-CIWC CMF Submission

Hi everyone! 

Last week the IWCC submitted it's position to the CMF on online content, and whether the CMF should support it, where the funding gaps are currently and what a structure for funding could potentially look like. 

It's incredibly important to us when opportunities like this present themselves that we voice our opinions to help build a stronger online video industry in Canada. It's also incredibly important that we hear from you when opportunities like this arise as our voices are much stronger together. We'd love to hear from you in the comments below or email us at info@iwcc-ciwc.org and let us know what you think. 

Our CMF submission can be read here


Hi everyone! 

We've been busy at the IWCC in the last couple of months getting our funding grant applications ready for the next T.O. Webfest, but we've also been very busy with an opportunity that the CRTC presented to submit our thoughts on the future of community media and community programming. 

As an association for content creators, we believe there's a role that we can play in community programming. So we are actively working to help inform our regulatory bodies and broadcasters about the options they have to better support independent creators. 

We can't take a stance one way or the other regarding how broadcasters can spend their money, but we can work to help inform our regulatory bodies about the options they have. 

If you're interested, we highly recommend you read our submission here