Crowdfunding Success: Forgotten Corpses

IWCC's Creator Spotlight reporter Cilka Ovettini gives The Six to Brandon Laraby, the Executive Story Editor, Co-Creator and Co-Producer of Forgotten Corpses.


Hey Brandon! Tell us what Forgotten Corpses is all about.

BL: Forgotten Corpses chronicles the epic journey of Joyce and James through Canadian, Zombie-infested wilderness after she realizes that the voice behind a survivor's radio broadcast is that of her presumed-dead sister.


1. What's the origin story behind this project?


BL: Forgotten Corpses started off as a short film, created by Caine Chow and Lucas Cheong - you can see it on YouTube.  Caine and Megan, a zombie-turned-Co-Director, decided afterwards to try and expand the world and the story into a web series.  I was brought on to head up the Writer's room and have created the core story and the world at large.  We're just finishing up the final scripts now and will be starting table-reads, mid-April before heading to camera in May. 


2. What motivated you to co-create a web series? Have you made one before?


BL: My motivation was pretty straight-forward, actually, when they asked me to head up the writer's room, they made me an offer I couldn't refuse: Carte Blanche. Essentially, they allowed me use of James and Joyce and told me that the rest was a blank slate.  So, well, I jumped at the chance!  In terms of past experience, I've been a part of several of these groups before, however, unfortunately they'd all fallen apart for different reasons (as usually happens, frankly, when everyone is working for free). This is my first time leading the charge and it's going really well, but I have to admit that I've been very lucky to have hit upon a really strong and motivated team. We're all hard workers and I think it's going to show in the final output.

The Forgotten Corpses team celebrates Kickstarter success!

The Forgotten Corpses team celebrates Kickstarter success!


3. What has been the most challenging and rewarding parts in creating and launching Forgotten Corpses so far?


One of the hardest parts is keeping some of the cooler aspects of our series under wraps - we've created some pretty compelling twists on the typical Zombie fare and we keep on having to bite our tongues when we talk about it.  The best part has been, by far, having our leads locked right from the word 'Go'. Knowing what our leads are capable of, knowing how they perceive their characters has been a huge boon as we decided how these characters would tackle the adventure that's ahead of them.


4. Are there plans for more than one season of Forgotten Corpses?


Oh yes, I've already got Forgotten Corpses seasons 2 through 5 figured out. This world has got a lot of stories to tell in it and I'm excited to explore it more.


5. What advice would you give to someone who wishes to create their own web series, or become involved with one?

1) Grow thick skin. 2) Focus on Transparency and Communication. 3) Check your ego at the door.  4) Best Idea Wins.

Obviously these things are all Ideals, things to strive for, but if you can get a team together who's willing to strive for them all together, you're way ahead of the game in my humble opinion. 


6. Did you receive any government grants or IPF funding to make this project a reality?


BL: We actually have managed to do this thanks to a portion of the budget from the creator and from our Kickstarter campaign alone.