IPF Trailers 2017 Edition - March Madness Rules

It's that time again - yes it's March Madness but for us creative types. A time when web series creators release a sea of trailers in hopes of moving on to the next round of the IPF. We know you're curious about all of the awesome projects entered this year so we've rounded them up all in once place. But before you begin the binge - let's talk for a second - cool? 

IWCC's March Madness Rules

1. Support each other! We want to see more likes, shares and comments from the community. The more successful projects are across the board, the more the industry will want to fund them.

2. But, no really support each other. If the folks behind La La Land and Moonlight can hug it out, the least you can do is support your fellow creators for a month.

3. Contact fellow producers/creators and find ways where your projects can help each other out. Love a trailer? Then offer a collab opportunity. Build those resumes and your network. Let's see some creative ways to build audience.

4. Don't forget the musicians. Far too often we see the music left off the credits and the social love. In a trailer, your score means a lot! So let other creators know who that secret weapon is. It's hard out there for a string section.

5. When uploading to Vimeo or YouTube add "IPF Trailer 2017" in the title or the description box, that way folks can find you and take a look.

6. If you uploaded to Facebook, you can either email us at dan@iwcc-ciwc.org OR drop it in the IPF Trailers thread in the Digital Creators Facebook Group. CLICK HERE  

7. "YOU FORGOT MY TRAILER - EVERYTHING IS RIGGED!" - There are lots of projects and we promise we support you all equally. Always hit refresh before you send us the angry letter, because we're adding projects hourly. If we've still missed your project use the email above and we'll add it ASAP to either the YouTube playlist or this blog post.

8. Share your positive reviews of trailers on twitter with the hashtag #IPFTrailer or by adding our handle @IWCC_CIWC and we'll be sure to RT and send it out to the community.

9. Producers/Actors/Writers/Bored people - Wouldn't it be cool to pick a night and start a twitter chat about all the projects? If you're up for it, we'd love a hashtag chat where we could build audience for all of you. If you're in - send us an e-mail and let's do this!

10. Take a photo of yourself enjoying these trailers - and creators let us see the faces behind these projects. Use #IPFTrailer on twitter and Facebook or simply tag us on twitter. It's not a contest, it's a community!

Vimeo Entries (so far...)

Facebook Entries (so far...)