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In this edition of The Six we caught up with Space Janitors co-creator creator Geoff Lapaire to discuss the progression of digital media. Space Janitors is a widely acclaimed 3-time T.O. Web Fest 2015 nominee celebrating its 3rd season. The series, in Lapaire and (co-creater Davin) Lengyel’s words is “a parody of science fiction staples viewed through the lens of two janitors and their group of misfit friends on board an evil space station.”


1. So far Space Janitors received a Canadian Screen Award (CSA), Canadian Comedy Award, as well as nods from Power to the Pixel and T.O. Web Fest! Does the amount of recognition your series continues to receive come as a surprise to you?

It's always great to be recognized along with the other top web series in Canada.  It's wonderful that the CSAs have grown to include web series categories and I think it's indicative of the high quality web series productions that are happening in Canada… There are some really excellent web series coming out of Canada, and so it's always an honour to be recognized.  It's really rewarding, too, to see how the industry is paying more and more attention to digital media in recent years.

2. What, if anything changed for you after your initial win?

I think a lot of people in the industry took notice.  Most people we meet at industry functions have seen a few episodes, or have at least heard of Space Janitors.  When Space Janitors won a CSA in 2014, we were half way through shooting the third season so that was a good boost for the cast and crew during a pretty hectic and tight production schedule.

3. Space Janitors is in its third season, how have you noticed digital media evolve in that time? 

Yes, the YouTube audience got younger, many more VOD platforms emerged, and exploded.  The timescales are so short compared to traditional media.

4. What’s next for Space Janitors?

We are shopping around a feature film treatment that we're very excited about.  As for the web series we ended it quite nicely in season 3 and have no plans to continue the series on YouTube.  Throughout the whole process we were pitching the series as a TV show using what we've done on the web as demo material, so far we haven't been able to get a development deal but we're still trying.

5. Any advice for web series creators just getting started?

Get in to live content!  I think that's the new big thing, I think is nowhere near as big as it's going to be one year from now.

6. Finally, I have to ask: Have you ever played Star Trek: The Next Generation Interactive VCR Board Game- A Klingon Challenge? If yes, how would the characters fair with a visit from  Captain Kavok?

No, but I've played Interplay's Star Trek: 25th Anniversary PC video game and there is a nod to it hidden somewhere in Space Janitors :)

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More interviews and content related to the 2016 Canadian Screen Awards to come!

Contributing writer: Anaïs Rozencwajg


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