New Study "Strengthening the Business: Capitalizing Canada’s Content Business"

Getting the stories and the creative elements right are just one part of the puzzle; whether you're in a duo partnership or a small content group, successful content entrepreneurs are also able to think about and execute upon the business strategies and market characteristics that ensure a wide distribution as well as future potential to continue creating. 

These individuals operate in a niche corner of the market, where studies and advice can be few and far between. Earlier this year however a comprehensive new study was commissioned and published in a collaborative funding effort from the Ontario Media Development Corporation (OMDC) and Canada Media Fund (CMF).

The study dives into management tools and tips on ways to increase investor activity, and includes powerful survey information compared between producers and financial institutions. Comparisons are made between the U.S. and Canadian markets. Other useful inclusions are a list of potential Canadian investors/firms, financial lexicon and a list of useful online resources.

View the full study here.