IWCC on YouTube Demonetization

TORONTO, ON (September 9th, 2016) For a new generation of creative minds, YouTube will be their first true access point to art, creation and even political expression. Just a decade after its launch, the business of making online videos is almost synonymous with the YouTube brand.

Which is why, when YouTube launched their new notification system to alert creators about the demonetization of content, it was concerning that so little effort went into notifying users about how this change would manifest itself.

We here at the IWCC do not believe this change amounted to direct censorship, but we do feel the community has raised valid concerns about the future of the financial ecosystem, that so many depend on.

To their credit YouTube has created an exciting digital playground for a wonderful community of creators. But it is also a business. YouTube is by far the largest and most popular video-sharing service in the world. And with that standing comes the responsibility as an industry leader to go to great lengths to avoid causing fear or panic within the marketplace. Thousands of creators livelihoods now depend on a strong, stable video-sharing ecosystem. Media headlines and hash tags proclaiming some of the largest creators in the world were losing revenue or shutting down entirely, could have easily been avoided with better communication.

The silver lining in this controversy has been the robust conversation that was started within the YouTube community about the future of our growing industry. We hope Canadian creators will join us in continuing that conversation moving forward.  

With the large volume of content being uploaded every minute, these fixes aren’t easy.  But as one of the first organizations in the world to advocate for digital creators, we’re happy to see the newly formed Internet Creators Guild adding their voice to those who wish to help smooth these communication issues in the future. We know that by all of us adding a stronger creator voice to this process, it can only help our industry flourish for years to come.

The Independent Web Creators of Canada is a digital creators association that supports and promotes the needs and activities of independent, creator driven and audience focused web projects. We seek to inform stakeholders and build relationships to help create better frameworks for people to access a democratized digital media ecosystem.

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