IWCC Release: CRTC And Policy Framework for Certified Independent Production Funds

IWCC on Broadcasting Regulatory Policy CRTC 2016-343, “Policy framework for Certified Independent Production Funds”


TORONTO, ON (September 8th, 2016) - As an organization that believes in the importance of independent voices in the digital-first sector at its very core, the IWCC supports the CRTC’s removal of the need for broadcaster commitments to access monies made available through CIPFs. The IWCC has long advocated for changes like this that better reflect the new creative economy we live in.

We believe that expanding access to funding is the first step in enabling and encouraging innovative and world-class digital storytelling. As is well known, there is little tradition of private investment in the Canadian creative industries. As such, access to funding opportunities, such as those made available through the CIPFs, are crucial to the development of many projects. Additionally, enabling support for discoverability and promotion is also a vital and welcome change that is reflective of the existing need for such funding to allow web content to stand out in a highly competitive and saturated digital marketplace. Allowing for co-ventured productions to access funds may also lead to better capitalized, and stronger digital-first content.  

The IWCC is concerned, however, that the added flexibility introduced into the system through the reduction of points necessary to access funding from eight to six, might lead to the dilution of opportunities for the development of Canadian creative talent. Currently, digital-first projects funded by CIPFs like the Independent Production Fund (IPF) are an important pathway into the professional screen industry for emerging Canadian creators, and an important source of experimentation and immersion into new digital platforms for established creators. Although this change is an optional one for CIPFs, (and the IPF is technically outside this framework), we believe the developing situation needs to be monitored to ensure that access points into the system for Canadian talent are not diminished.


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