IWCC's Brand New Year! #SquadGoals

Welcome your new board of 2016-17!

Welcome your new board of 2016-17!

It's a brand new year here at the IWCC, and we're so happy to announce our new board for 2016/2017. 

Emilia Zboralska (President)

Dan Speerin (Chair and Vice President)

Jessica Morton (Secretary)

Luke Black (Treasurer)

Courtney Wolfson (Executive Producer of TO WebFest)

Nicolas Di Lollo (Executive Producer of TO WebFest)

Simon Côté (Co-Founder/Director of WebFest Montreal)

Colette Vosberg

Ash Catherwood

Joseph Cuyegkeng

To Read More About Our Board Members head on over here

When the IWCC threw it's launch party over four years ago, web creators were still struggling for recognition and web series were searching for funding. When we first did press interviews we would be asked "Will people really watch web series"? After putting on three amazing T.O. WebFest's we've not only got Web Series creators on the map, but now even your mom knows about what we do. We've been proud to help pry open traditional media and create an exciting new economy and playground for creators. 

With much accomplished in just three short years, the board is really excited to see what we can do next. We want it to be known that our organization is not just here to help Web Series creators but also vloggers, YouTubers, podcasters and digital creators of all stripes. Now more than ever, we need independent digital creators to come together for a strong, vibrant online industry and community. 

With so much crossover in the digital community, we have so much to learn from one another and for far too long, folks have been staying in their own niche. But how fantastic would it be if creators from all niches would collab? Think of the possibilities! This year is about bringing together the online community and showing them how creative Canada can be.

And now here are some Squad Goals from our first board meeting!

Communications Squad: Our communications squad has some awesome new inititives including a creator spotlight that will write weekly about brilliant creators doing new and interesting things on the web. Love creating but feel out of the loop when it comes to business? The IWCC hopes to launch a podcast to chat with creators about how they've succeeded at what they're doing. And we now have a team dedicated not just to TO WebFest but also the IWCC on twitter and fb

Membership Squad: Our membership squad realizes that independent creators budgets are stretched thin. We're a non-profit board driven by creators, so we want to establish a more creator friendly membership structure which will allow small monthly donations as a membership option. The more people who are able to contribute the more time we can devote to promotion, advocacy and events for creators! We're only as strong as our community! 

Events Squad: Our Events squad is hard at work putting together the next creator event at The Spoke Club. Our last event was a great success! Also get ready for the return of our regular community drinks night. Check our FB page for updates!

TO WebFest Squad: Our TO WebFest dynamic duo wants your help this year, they are on the hunt for folks to join the team and make TO WebFest better than ever. So click this and find out how you can help!

Policy Squad: Our policy team is set to release two important announcements this week, the first will be our take on the recent CRTC removal of broadcaster commitments to access funding available through CIPF's. We'll also be answering all of your questions about the confusion surrounding YouTube's Terms of Service and monetization issues, and what they mean for Canadian creators! Stay tuned!

It's going to be an exciting new year so if you have questions or want to get involved email us and talk to us. We're here for you!

Thanks for all your support and keep creating!

The IWCC Board 2016-2017