The IWCC's #DigiCanCon Podcast

Join IWCC-CIWC President Emilia Zboralska and VP Dan Speerin as they discuss the most pressing issues for emerging digital creators in this special #DigiCanCon podcast series. 

Episode One: How Did We Get to #Digicancon?

Episode 2: Why Not Our Generation?

Episode 3: Funding = Incubation

Episode 4: Ability is Not Access

We thank you for listening and just because #DigiCanCon is ending on November 25th, doesn't mean we are. We're a year round organization here to help you, so we still want your thoughts and ideas on how to make Canada's creator culture even better. Please email us your thoughts at

The Independent Web Creators of Canada is a non-profit digital creators association that supports and promotes the needs and activities of independent, creator driven and audience focused digital projects. We seek to inform stakeholders and build arelationships to help create better frameworks for people to access a democratized digital media ecosystem. Which is a professional and nerdy way of saying we want to help Canadian Creators stay awesome.