#IWCChelps CMF's New Fund For Web Series

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On this episode the IWCC's own Dan Speerin talks with Jill Samson all about how to apply for some new subsequent season funding for your Web Series thanks to the CMF (Canada Media Fund).

Our Guest:  Telefilm's Jill Samson

With over 20 years of experience in film and television production, Jill brings knowledge, business acumen and creativity to her role as Deputy Director – Portfolio Management for the CMF fund at Telefilm Canada.

As a First Assistant Director on feature films and television series, Jill developed a reputation as an industry leader for her ability to successfully broker the delicate balance of story, script, budget and schedule in the production process. Jill’s credits in children’s programming, dramatic series and feature films range from the critically acclaimed FLY AWAY HOME to the pop culture hit CAMP ROCK.  Jill joined Telefilm in 2008 and leads a team of Business Analysts. Jill leads the teams for the Indigenous, Point of View Documentary, Diverse Languages and French outside of Quebec Selective Production funds as well the Web Series fund and the National Development Team.

Your Need To Know Stuff:

Sooo what's this program all about?

The Canada Media Fund (CMF) recently announced the launch of a new program to support the production of Canadian linear narrative and Children’s and Youth web series in their second or subsequent season. Administered within the CMF’s Experimental Stream and with a budget of $2M, the Web Series program is intended to meet the needs in the marketplace for linear content created for online consumption.

DEADLINE: January 17th 2017


Here are some links to follow along with as you listen:

Link to CMF's Web Series Page

Link to the CMF Web Series Program Guidelines

Podcast timeline for the impatient (Episode Length 23 minutes)

50 secs - What is this fund all about? Why Second Season?

1:30 - What is the CMF looking for to fund with this new program? 

2:22 -  Don't worry Comedy, "DRAMA" means narrative - you're not being excluded, so delete that angry twitter rant.

2:46 - IMPORTANT NOTE FOR PROCRASTINATORS - YOU MUST HAVE A TELEFILM ACCOUNT AND IT CAN TAKE FIVE DAYS TO PROCESS. We repeat, get your telefilm account at least a week out, otherwise you might not get your project in on time.

4:14 - What Counts as a "Second Season" - Think your web series can be an online Gilmore Girls return? Want to get crazy True Detective style with a new cast/storyline? We talk about what "subsequent" season can mean. 

6:07 - How will I be judged? We explain the process of how your content will be judged.

7:45 - Insurance Chat: What you'll need. 

9:25 - There are no borders! Err not so much. We get into the Cancon nature of it all. From citizenship to production.

10:24 - How many CV's and resumes do they want? Well, how awesome is your gaffer? 

11:00 - It's time to talk about distribution.

13:48 - What's my letter of intent worth? Not so much as it turns out...

14:40 - What budget size? What about Crowdfunding?

16:10 - What happens when I'm selected? A chat about how quickly you can begin your season.

17:45 - Wait, I have new characters - should I tell the CMF about it - do I have to cast them before I enter? 
18:22 - Everything to do about writing. From scripts to the writer's room bios.

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