(Going Clockwise Starting on the Screen) Simon, Nicolas, Courtney, Jessica, Ash, Dan, Joseph, Luke, Colette and Emilia

(Going Clockwise Starting on the Screen) Simon, Nicolas, Courtney, Jessica, Ash, Dan, Joseph, Luke, Colette and Emilia

Emilia Zboralska (President)

Emilia Zboralska is a PhD Candidate in the Ryerson Communication and Culture program. She currently holds an Ontario Graduate Scholarship, and an Edward S. Rogers Sr. Graduate fellowship. Emilia is passionate about the potential of the web as a platform to tell diverse and meaningful Canadian stories to Canada and the world. She’s worn many media hats and has worked on productions for major Canadian broadcasters in various roles. Recently, she’s been very involved in the policy end of the industry and is working on projects that aim at bettering conditions for Canada’s creators through policy change and advocacy. She is committed to helping develop the web series industry in Canada in a way that fosters economic growth and sustainability, innovation, quality and diversity.

Dan Speerin (Chair and Vice President)

Dan Speerin was one of the first YouTube Partners in Canada, and the first Canadian host on The Young Turks Network. Along with Vince Kesavamoorthy he is the co-creator and producer of several successful multiplatform series, from the narrative series Twixters, which aired on television in over 60 countries to the award winning digital series Truth Mashup. The pair also created the first multiplatform Canadian election special which led to a panel discussion-based series on Millennial issues called  "The What Is".  Their work has even been brought up on the floor of Canada's House of Commons. Dan has also been a pundit on Millennial and digital culture and has created digital content for Rogers, Bell, CBC and VH1 among others. He is a seasoned specialist in digital strategy and communication, with experience in the development, production, distribution and promotion of content that transcends platforms.

Luke Black (Treasurer)

Luke Black is a filmmaker who was born and raised in Western Canada. After attending the University of Alberta and Red Deer College, he built his filmmaking practice by creating over a dozen DIY short films and helped strengthen the local filmmaking community serving on the board of directors for the Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers. His work has screened in film festivals around the world and in 2013 Luke was invited to attend the Canadian Film Centre's Cineplex Entertainment Film Program. Now based out of Toronto, Luke is focused on creating high-concept narratives with an ensemble of creative partners. 

Jessica Morton (Secretary)

Jess Morton is a freelance journalist with expertise in web series. She's conducted research and interviews on web series in Toronto for over four years. Morton has a Bachelor of Arts Honors degree from York University with a double major in Film Studies and Professional Writing. For T.O. WebFest 2016 Morton worked as Communications Manager where she produced, conducted, and filmed interviews with panelists and official selections. When she's not working on content for the IWCC Morton hosts and produces the Illuminated.TO [www.illuminate.to] Podcast. The podcast focuses on profiling independent artists in Toronto including musicians, visual artists, comics, and web series. 

Courtney Wolfson (Executive Producer of TO WebFest)

Born and raised in Toronto, Courtney decided early on a career in media production, gaining a few credits on independent projects before starting out in animation production for broadcast in 2004.  Working with leading industry houses; DHX, Cuppa Coffee, and Marblemedia, she excelled in the coordination of several series for major television networks, and continues to work in animated  film production today. In 2009, she began producing  webseries, embarking on the IPF-funded transmedia property Tights and Fights: Ashes, and comedy series Pretty In Geek.  She has since continued to lend her expertise to the popular webseries Out With Dad, and other new convergent, interactive, and independent web-based properties.  Recently, Courtney saw her first foray into festival production as Co-Executive Producer of T.O. Webfest 2015, while serving her first year on the board of directors for the IWCC.

Nicolas Di Lollo (Executive Producer of TO WebFest)

Nicolas Di Lollo is the IWCC's current secretary and tireless second half of T.O. Webfest's Co-Executive team. A brand manager by trade, he has built 8 years of experience in broadcast, digital media marketing, promotions and communications working for an independent media company's documentary and factual channels. He’s worked on marketing, communications and partnership strategies for great web series like GuidanceComedy Bar, Felt Up and Video Clerk. An avid supporter of arts and web content, he’s worked on independent web productions on the front and sidelines with friends for years while learning his trade. Interesting note: part of an episode of Ruby Sky P.I was shot in his old apartment.

Simon Côté

Production/distribution Specialist. He studied in art and cinema and began his entrepreneurial career in 2001 at the age of 23. He chose Laos to found 3 businesses, and success and specialize in audiovisual creation. In 2010, back in Quebec, he moved to Montreal with his family and co-founded Kebweb.tv, a distribution platform of digital content. Producing and directing on different projects, he made the hit web series' ‘’Shenanigans’’ 2012/2014. Since then, he contributes his interest and knowledge to local and international digital content and became co-founder and director of WebFest Montreal. 

Joseph Cuyegkeng

More than anything else, Joseph strives to facilitate the aspirations of creative people. A lawyer by trade, his work with traditional media organizations like Cineplex Entertainment and the Toronto International Film Festival has given him a solid understanding of the legal and commercial realities of the entertainment industry. On a personal level,Joseph is uniquely inspired by the willingness of independent content creators to harness emerging technologies for the purposes of their craft, making it a priority of his to ensure they have access to the tools and relationships that will help them tell their stories in new, imaginative ways.


Colette Vosberg

Business Affairs specialist & Producer, Firestarter Business Affairs.  Colette Johnson-Vosberg is a TV & Film professional that specializes in business affairs with a creative flair.  Colette has written, directed and produced two shorts, one drama entitled “Gotta Get Ahead” and the other a documentary, entitled “The Hootenanny”, as well as worked on CFC shorts and MOW’s for Showtime, such as “What Girls Learn” with Elizabeth Perkins and Scott Bakula. Colette has a unique background of having been in the fields of broadcasting, distribution and a funding agency that has established well-rounded expertise in the TV & Film industry as a whole.Currently, Colette is providing services to clients in the role of producing, writing private and government funding applications, tax credit applications, contracting and connecting people to people.